12 Tips To Maximize Dell Laptop Battery Life

Are you having issues with your Dell laptop battery life? The battery life of a laptop plays an important role especially if you intend to use it for long without charging, i.e., while traveling. The lifespan and performance of your portable laptop greatly depend on its battery life. Therefore, it’s essential for Dell Laptop users to know how they can maximize the performance of their laptop batteries. Below are 12 simple and easy tips you can use to save your Dell laptop battery life and enable it last longer.


Adjust the screen brightness Dell laptop display, i.e., brightness consumes a good percentage of power from your laptop battery. As such, you should ensure you keep the screen backlight of your laptop low. A low backlight is comfortable in a soft-lit room.


Disable some background applications All apps that make intensive use of the network or processor of the laptop should always remain closed whenever your laptop has not been plugged in. You can also disable automatic software and windows update functions so that they may not attempt to download huge software patches. Also, check your network usage to help prevent more power usage.


Disable unneeded hardware devices Disabling unneeded hardware devices and wireless capabilities, e.g., built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and data modem will help maximize your battery life. For backlit keyboards, it’s important to do without these keyboards if your battery power is running low.


Plug in your laptop Always ensure your Dell laptop is ready for use by keeping it charged, this will enable you to have the battery power to complete your work with or without electricity. You can also purchase one more AC adaptor if you use your laptop frequently, i.e., at work, traveling and at home.

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Use the power options for battery optimization Manage the power of your laptop by using the power options’ in the control panel. These power management features help shut down components such as the hard drives and the monitor thus allowing for maximum battery optimization.


Clean your laptop battery regularly You can increase the performance and life of your laptop battery by cleaning it using cotton or alcohol to remove dirt that may be in contact with the battery. Dirt that comes in contact with your laptop battery lowers its performance drastically.


Empty your laptop DVD/CDs drives when not in use In case you have no intention of using your DVD/CDs don’t leave any of them in the drives. This will save your battery life because a spinning drive uses a lot of battery power.


Pause or stop the scheduled tasks If your laptop is performing a task(s) that may last longer than its battery life before you get to a power outlet, it’s important to pause or stop these tasks so that they can restart or continue whenever you get to a power outlet.


Reduce/mute the sound of the laptop To maximize your laptop battery life, mute or reduces the sound of your laptop speakers and avoid using the multimedia software. You should also take note that installed sound schemes drain a lot of battery.


Remove your screensaver The usual laptop screen-savers also use more battery as compared to when they are not available. Thus, to help maximize your Dell laptop battery life get rid of that screensaver.

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Put your laptop in hibernation mode Always put your laptop in hibernation mode instead of sleeping mode. This is because hibernation mode shuts down the laptop while still keeping it in its current state unlike in sleeping mode where the computer turns off the display and hard drive although the memory remains active.


Check on your laptop surrounding temperature A lot of heat near the battery kills its performance and lifespan slowly. Thus avoid leaving your laptop inside a closed car/rooms or under direct sunlight.

Bonus tips

  • More RAM Adequate laptop RAM minimizes the load on virtual memory thus increasing power saving on the laptop hard drive.
  • Minimize on program use while working Opening several programs while you work drains the power of the battery. Thus, you should open at most tree programs concurrently.
  • Use the right Dell laptop adaptor Make sure that the adaptor you use on your Dell laptop is an original one and has the correct specifications that match its wattage to prevent an overload that could damage not only your laptop battery but also the laptop itself.