Best Gaming Laptops for Under $1500 (Year 2018)

Whether you’re a professional and lifelong gamer, or a casual gamer looking to invest some serious cash, we’ve got the best gaming laptops that are priced under $1500. If you love to play MMO’s like World of Warcraft, Simulations like Surgeon Simulator, Adventure/Survival games like Ark, or First Person/Arena games like Overwatch, then you’ll want to spend some of your hard-earned money on a well-designed gaming laptop.




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Eluktronics P650HP6


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How is a laptop better than a tablet while playing PC games?

Laptops are more powerful than tablets in general. Laptops come with more hard drive space, better RAM, and faster processors because there’s room for it.

Tablets are flat and thin panels that have touchpad screens that would be unable to process the variety of elements that laptops can run with ease. PC games often involve using the WASD keys and an external mouse to operate; tablets alone just don’t have that ability.

Does a backlit keyboard matter?

Yes. If you’re in a well lit room then seeing your keyboard isn’t that important. However, when you’re in a dimly lit or an unlit room backlit keyboards become significant. When you’re gaming you’ll want to see the keys to know what you are hitting.

Chances are, that if you’ve been gaming for a while, you’ll already know where the keys are. But, if you don’t you’ll want to be able to use specific and strategic keys at any time. This could stand in between you winning or losing a game.

Why should I have a solid state hard disk drive?

SSD, or solid state hard disk drives are important to gamers because SSD’s decrease and almost eliminate loading times. If you’re being loaded into the menu screen for a very popular PC game, having an SSD will help you begin the game faster so you can pick the character you want or load the level you want to play quicker.

SSD’s also have a good amount of storage, so you can download games with large files and downloadable content.

Why is it important that I have a good display and graphics card in my laptop?

HD displays and a good graphics card are great for gaming because you’ll be able to see what’s going on more clearly. The quality of character’s detail, better visual effects like in-game weather, foreground, and background will be more crisp, and you won’t get a headache from squinting to see details.


Description: This ASUS gaming laptop is a deal. It comes fully stocked with a mid-size screen with quality HD viewability. The cost comes from within and not because it looks outrageously expensive. A very modern laptop with virtual reality capabilities and much more.


  • Comes with giant storage due to having both a 256GB solid state hard disk drive and 1TB hard disk drive
  • It’s 15.6 inch HD screen is big enough to watch movies on, but is also capable of highlighting the graphics that PC games dish out
  • Can run virtual reality games and programs so you can design them and play them
  • Has enough processing power to run games and even live stream your games
  • See what keys your hitting while you’re playing games with a red backlit keyboard
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty that can be used only with purchase from CUK
  • Comes with a Windows operating system installed
  • Weighs only 4.9 pounds, so it’s light enough to carry around when you’re away from home
  • Less chance of it overheating while you’re playing because of its duo-copper cooling design
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  • Data stored on the HDD won’t access as quickly as storing games and files on the SSD
  • 15 inches may be too small for your eyes, you may want to get a bigger screen depending on that
  • You may like that this laptop can run virtual reality games and programs, but you don’t want it or won’t use it
  • You may not like a red backlit keyboard, but there’s a way to turn that off
  • Comes with a mouse pad at the bottom of the keyboard, which can get in the way of typing to players or playing a game

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2. CUK MSI GE62VR Apache Pro

Description: The Apache Pro is a great gaming laptop that won’t interrupt your gameplay with noisy overheating. It looks hearty and runs quickly, with both a solid state hard disk drive and a solid state disk drive all in one. It has a great HD display that allows gamers to see game and character details better than a lesser laptop. It’s very colorful display isn’t the only thing colorful about it, the Apache Pro comes with a back lit rainbow keyboard.


  • Dual 1 terabyte HDD and 128 gigabyte SSD gives this laptop the power of choice in where you get your storage and running speeds from
  • Comes with a 15.6 inch HD screen so you’ll be able to see your character’s skins with more color and detail
  • CUK has a 3 year warranty, so you’ll want to find out more information about that for the future
  • Has a backlit rainbow keyboard to help you see those pesky keys and has the ability to program keyboard macros/combinations for easier in-game fighting
  • Comes with VR capabilities for those gamers looking to the future in technologically advanced gaming
  • Stays cool with Cooler Boost 4, so you won’t have that loud fan trying to stop your laptop from overheating
  • Weighs in at 5.29 pounds, which is really lightweight for a gaming laptop
  • Installed with Windows operating system, so you won’t have to relearn a new OS


  • You may have better accessing speed for file retrieval using the SSD over the HDD
  • Has a touch pad mouse at the bottom base of the keyboard that can get in the way of typing and maneuvering around PC games and in-game chat
  • You may not like the rainbow bright keyboard, but don’t worry you can turn off that feature if it bothers you
  • It’s not a touchscreen laptop, so if you’re into designing video games you’ll want to research buying drawing pads that are compatible with this product
  • If you’re looking for a Mac operating system, this isn’t your laptop

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Description: This ASUS gaming laptop is a good update for anyone looking to purchase a laptop with an HD and anti-reflective matte screen. Perfect for gaming outside in the light and in well lit rooms. It can run heavy duty games with lots of downloadable content like those PC games found on Steam.

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  • Has the best of both worlds – 512GB solid state hard disk drive and a terabyte of hard disk drive storage, which means faster startup and program processing speeds
  • It comes with a huge 17.3 inch HD screen so you won’t miss any details while you’re searching for your next opponent or gaining control of your objective
  • Has a matte finish so reflection is reduced in well lit offices or anywhere light will disrupt gaming
  • Comes with Windows operating system so you won’t have to learn a new way of doing things
  • Has a backlit keyboard to help you navigate your laptop keyboard effectively while also adding a flair of modern design
  • Only weighs a modest 6.6 pounds for easy transport to your favorite gaming spots
  • Laptop has a black outer shell with orange details on the outside


  • You may like using your external hard drive to store things and that’s ok, this laptop has more than enough space for you to use when you need it
  • This may be too big of a screen for your desk or backpack, so you may have to look for something smaller, or a desk and backpack that are bigger
  • Screen is made with matte finish so reflection will be reduced but the color vibrancy will go down with it
  • Does not come with VR capabilities, so you may have to install them or purchase them separately
  • This is not an Apple operating system so you may want to keep searching if that’s what you’re looking for
  • Doesn’t come with a touch screen, so you’ll have to rely on a mouse and keyboard or a drawing pad if you want to design your own content
  • Orange details on the outer shell may not be your style choice

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4. Eluktronics P650HP6

Description: This is a laptop that will draw you in. Eluktronics P650HP5 has a vibrant blue keyboard hue that is warm without being intense. It’s a great laptop for PC gaming as well as design because it’s equipped with the storage and processing power of two drives. It is also compatible with virtual reality head gear and games.


  • Comes with a mid range 15.6 inch FHD (Full High Definition) display so your eyes can focus on details and beating your opponent
  • Has a matte screen that reduces glare and reflections, unlike a standard display
  • Better game and design program loading times because it’s powered by 2 drives – 256GB solid state hard drive disk and 1TB hard disk drive
  • Comes with Windows operating system for an easier time transitioning over to a new computer
  • Has a blue backlit keyboard that is very attractive to the eye and will help you see your hands in the dark
  • Have fun with your friends and family if you want to use the VR ability, bring your own headset
  • Stays cooler with three fans that keep your laptop CPU and GPU at their best during game play
  • Live stream your next game online using the 2.0 megapixel FHD (Full High Definition) webcam and Array brand microphone
  • Weighs 5.9 pounds, which is easier than carrying a heavier laptop with you on your busy day
  • Comes with a generous one year Eluktronics warranty
  • Has a fingerprint identification for tougher security measures
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  • FHD is a good display but it’s not any better than any HD out there because it has ‘Full’ in the name
  • You’ll have to purchase the VR headset to play with it
  • If you want to design games or web pages this laptop does not have a touch screen and can’t be used with a stylus, so later you may have to purchase a drawing pad later
  • Comes with a touch pad mouse below the keyboard so it may be annoying on some games if your palm hits it
  • The matte finish on the display is good for keeping visual interruptions at bay but it may affect the color quality
  • Don’t forget your password and definitely don’t lose your finger if you set up the fingerprint ID

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Description: This ASUS ROG gaming laptop has a matte screen if you want to get rid of glare from the sun or the lights overhead. It also comes with a red keyboard that is backlit for you to gain better control of the keys when the lights are off. Impressive grey casing that is sophisticated but also battle ready for your next PC game adventure.


  • 3 inches matte full high definition LED lit screen
  • Lasts for a full 5 hours of lithium ion battery life, which will last you most of the work day or most of your gaming at night
  • Light enough for a backpack or messenger bag and weighs 6.6 pounds
  • Has a Windows operating system so accessing files will be easier to do
  • Has 2 hard drives – a 128 gigabyte SSD and 1 terabyte HDD so you’ll play with faster loading times and uptake of data
  • Colorful red keyboard that can be turned on for extra light
  • Hard grey colored casing that looks very eye appealing


  • Has a large screen that may be too big for your gaming style or personal need
  • May not hold a charge for as long as you need
  • You may want a black casing instead of a metal one
  • You may have duller color specs if you get a matte display
  • The keyboard touchpad that’s responsible for movement on the screen is positioned at the bottom of the keyboard and in the middle, which may get in the way of typing
  • Not a touchscreen, nor does it have VR headset abilities, so that may bore you

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The favorite out of the five is #4 Eluktronics P650HP6. It had the blue keyboard that draws you in. It’s the smallest screen, measuring in at 15.6 inches of full high definition. It has two hard drives to run games as a smoothly as possible, reducing in game loading times. It had 3 fans for cooling the laptop off if things get too hot and intense.

It also had the element of high tech fun – virtual reality!  The only downside is that the VR headset has to come separate. It also didn’t weigh that much and had way better security features like fingerprint recognition to help me realize how much of a deal buying this computer really is.