Best laptop for Nursing Students of 2018 & Buying Guide

Every profession may have different requirement for the laptop. A laptop that is best for nursing students cannot be equally suitable for the data science student. If you are pursuing a nursing field then there you are required to follow certain specifications in your laptop that you need to assure before even deciding to purchase. You need to have an updated laptop that has all the powerful features in it, so it will never hinder your nursing career. Moreover, all your works get done without causing you any problematic situation. The best laptop will be powerful, compact and would never let you failing from the technology. The nursing students have dedication, long haul, and have to do backbreaking tasks, so they always expect the same in their laptop as well.

Here we have a list of best laptop for nursing students that are top rated as well:




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Apple MacBook Pro MF839LL/A, OS X Yosemite


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Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K02US


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Dell Inspiron i7559-5012GRY


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HP 15-ba009dx


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enovo IdeaPad N42-20


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Buyer’s guide: what to look for when you are buying the best nursing laptop.

When there is a surplus supply of your desired product, then it often becomes a confusable decision that which product you should pick and which not to consider. Buying your favorite items is fun if you have successfully identified your needs.

Here we have designed few questions that will be helpful for nursing students in selecting the best laptop for themselves.

1. What are some fundamental specifications a nursing laptop should always possess?

There are fundamental features that a nursing student should never compromise on. And you better keep then into your fingertips before rushing to buy. The ram of your laptop should never be less than 4 GB. Moreover, give importance to those who have minimum Ram 6 GB with ram extendable option.

Storage is also an important factor, and the minimum storage for your laptop needs to be around 250 GB and prefers having a solid-state drive rather than a typical HDD. The screen should possess high resolution and can give you better and clear quality. Your machine should be highly portable as you need to carry this either in your university or college. Moreover, install an advanced antivirus to protect your laptop from the viruses. Moreover having some USB ports for data transferring is also a mandatory feature for your laptop.

2. Why is it always advisable for nursing students to have a surface laptop?

Yes, some accepted factors are convincible for the nursing students to go to a surface.  These machines are mighty and have Core i3 Core i5 and even Core i7 processors. The surface also has conversion options that you can make your laptop a tablet even.  The surface is highly portable as they are very light and has an attractive slim body. Moreover, the surface laptop has phenomenal battery life you do not need to carry your laptop charger with you all the time. Hence it is an efficient and unique choice. Moreover, will bear the heavy and non-stop duty. Moreover, it will neither disappoint you with its features nor with performance.

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3. Can nursing students go for a Chrome operating system instead of Windows or Mac platform?

Chrome operating system is sometimes discouraged. This OS has constraint and limited facilities for its users.  However, it’s good if you have it for listening music and watching movies online via SoundCloud or any other app. However, it is not even recommended for most of the students and business professionals. Though it is the fastest way to connect you to the world but has some major drawbacks. It is always great to have those laptops that have built in windows platform or Mac operating system.  As nursing students have to deal with email, word spreadsheet, MS word and power point for the presentations. Hence this software runway better than in Windows and Mac. Moreover, it will give the user best experience while doing the work.

4. Why does a laptop that has long battery always prove to be more effective and best laptop for nursing students?

If your laptop battery does not last long, it can never give you a satisfactory performance. You will always need to take a charger with you that are sometimes annoying and disgusting. Moreover, you are always in search of finding a plug to charge your laptop battery. It is the reason we always prefer a laptop that has strong battery life, and you can take it wherever you want. A 7 to 8 hours battery with Wi-Fi and average screen brightness is something essential feature of your laptop that you always need to assure before buying.

5. Is it crucial for a nursing laptop to have an IPS display with good screen brightness?

IPS panel and IPS displays are not part of every laptop. Only some quality laptops will have this feature in it. If your laptop has IPS display, then you will have better viewing angle and great color contrast. If it is possible for a medical student to have an IPS display laptop, he must go for that. Though it is an amazing feature, you cannot call it as a fundamental or prime feature of a nursing laptop. However, good screen brightness is crucial for a nursing laptops if they have to take it outdoor and in sunny days and it will be helpful for better visualization. Companies do not specify about the screen brightness, but you should try to have a laptop that has screen brightening of ~315 max brightness.

6. Why the storage of laptop has different importance for different nursing students?

The choice of storage is a personal approach for different people. On a serious note, a nursing laptop does not need to have some outstanding feature; Every basic laptop can be a viable option for a nursing student.  If you are a game lover and prefer downloading much stuff to your machine, then you can go for a laptop that has big storage options. However, if you do the majority of your tasks online, then even the memory of Chromebook will be sufficient enough for you. Moreover, you do not need to spend dollars to have a laptop with more storage capacity.

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7. Should the best nursing laptop have either core i5 or core i7 processor?

No, it is not the case. A medical student needs to work on either worksheet or make some projects on MS office. So these apps can run smoothly even on Pentium processors. Well, it is still advised to go for a laptop that has core i3 processor. So you can perform your task with more ease. Though if you use the laptop for gaming and some other heavy stuff, then the case is different. You better go for the fastest processors that would ensure the fastest performance of your machine.

Product Review:

To make sure you are purchasing the accurate and more feasible product. We have picked some remarkable products for reviewing. These products match to your interest and will support you to choose the best nursing laptop.

1. Apple MacBook Pro MF839LL/A, OS X Yosemite)

This MacBook has fastest dual-core 2.7GHz Core i5 processor and 13.3 inches wide Retina display. It includes 8 GB ram with 128 GB flashed storage. The MacBook possesses Intel Iris Graphic for better video streaming and visual quality. The MacBook has built in OS X Yosemite, and it has 2 USB ports.


  • The laptop has advanced and fastest Core i5 processors.
  • It has a sleek and glossy design.
  • The battery lasts up to 7 hours.
  • The laptop has high Intel Iris Graphics 6100.


  • No DVD drive. You will have to spend extra driver to attach it with your MacBook.

The MacBook is no doubt a costly machine but provides incredible features that no other machine can. The laptop is worth purchasing and gives a remarkable and fastest performance. This laptop is effective for the gamers and students as well.

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2. HP 15-ba009dx – Laptop – Black

This HP laptop comes with wide 15.6 inches WLED backlit screen. It has 4 GB ram and 500 GB HDD with AMD quad core processor. Moreover, the laptop has 64-bit operating system with Windows 10 installed. The laptop is only 0.9 thick, and it is lightweight, only 4.76 lbs. The laptop has an optical drive with numeric keypad.


  • It has wide 15.6 anti-glare display
  • The laptop has sufficient storage of 500GB.
  • The latest processor is increased for fastest performance.


  • The laptop has wide screen hence less portable.

The laptop has some impressive features in it. That makes it an ideal piece for most of the laptop users. Though the laptop has some negative points, still it is a nice and great machine. Moreover, provide satisfying features to the nursing students and business professional as well.

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3. Dell Inspiron i7559-5012GRY, Microsoft Signature Edition

This Dell laptop is a powerful and compact machine that comes with every vital feature. The laptop has ITB large storage, and 8 GB SATA is storing option as well. Moreover, it has 8 GB Ram that is expandable to 16 GB and fastest Intel quad-core i7 processor and large display as well. The touch screen is wider and 15.6 wider. Furthermore, the laptop has attractive grayish color.

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  • The laptop has Dual storage option 1TB HDD and 8GB HDD.
  • It has a large multi-touch screen of 15.6 inches.
  • The laptop possesses the fastest processor for the electrifying performance.


  • The laptop is not as much of portable.

The laptop possesses all the advanced and up to date features. That is equally effective and amazing for people belonging to different professions. In addition, the laptop is less portable but has the fastest processor and large storage option in it. It is not an economical option, but if it is affordable, you must go for that.

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4. Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K02US Laptop (Black)

It is an affordable piece and has high portability due to its smaller 11.6 inches anti-reflective screen that gives better viewing angles and also comes with the image enhancer option. This chrome book run the latest Chrome OS. Moreover, has 4 GB ram and 16 GB EMMC storage option. It also has the additional features like WLAN, Bluetooth, and HD webcam.


  • Samsung Chromebook has a sleek design and provides you with great portability.
  • The keyboard is spill resistant and protects it from the accidental damages.
  • The battery is super amazing and gives 11 hours to your machines nonstop working after one charge.


  • The chrome book has limited storage option.

This book is highly affordable and has some great features. It has some drawbacks like low storage and small screen size. However, it is still advisable for you to have it. Moreover, it makes all your jobs done with the great speed.

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5. Lenovo IdeaPad N42-20 Chromebook, ChromeOS

The chrome book has large 14 inches anti-glare HD back-lit screen. It includes Intel Dual N3060 processor for faster performance. Moreover, the chrome book has 4 GB ram and 16 GB storage option. The laptop has slim design and provide you with greater portability,


  • The machine has a wide display.
  • It is light weight and gives you great portability.
  • It has the fastest processor for faster performance.


  • The limited storage option is a major drawback.

The chrome book is a full feature machine. Moreover, it is proved to be great for its specifications and price range. It has some drawbacks but still worth buying. In addition, it will give you great post purchasing experience if you need less storing options.

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Wrap up:

The article was a brief and compact attempt to help the medical students in choosing the best laptop for their self. Furthermore, as the profession needs autonomy, hard work, and dedication and this is the reason it is a highly respected profession in all over the world. Medical Students always seek perfection in their every step. How they would neglect the machine that has a crucial role in their lives and works as well. The article includes a buyer guide with some questions for helping you in making a right decision. Moreover, reviews of five top rated laptops that match to your need the most.