Best Laptops For Artists of 2018 & Buying Guide

Artists are born to draw; they are so fond of making things come to life. In the past eras, all artists had to draw on a piece of paper or either on some scrapbook that they had. The modern era has revolutionized this fact, and there are a lot of desktops and laptops which are best used for drawing anything. Necessarily the artists are not ought to draw on the piece of paper as they are known to do so. Laptops have many software’s which help them draw and make changes, edit the file, customize their drawings per the need. Artists are not only known to draw paintings of some forests or sky and beautiful places. They also come under the category of drawing the plans of the house. That is an architect, in other words, an artist who draws your dream houses.

Artists are using their laptops while sitting at home and editing all sort of photographs. They may design any your company’s logo, or they may provide you with the designed pamphlets for your project. To find out the best laptops for artists we have prepared for you a buyer’s guide; you can look at it and decide which one you like. Among the best laptops for artists, we have discussed the following listed below:




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Acer Aspire ES1-572-31KW


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Apple MMGG2LL/A MacBook Air


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Dell Inspiron 7th Generation


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Samsung Chromebook Pro XE510C24-K01US


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Buyer’s Guide

1. What should you look out for a while making a purchase of a laptop for an artist?

Choosing a best laptop($500-$700) is a tough decision because you have many companies around you. If you are an expert, then you will be aware of what things to look. However, if you don’t know, then you should read this article thoroughly, and find for yourself the best product that meets your needs. The graphics are one of the most important things if it is for an artist. The screen resolution should be of high definition so whatever drawing you make it gives a great outcome. It will show no faded colors. Furthermore, the processing speed is equally important. Having high-speed processors facilitates you in flawless working and save you a lot of time.

2. Does built-in software off my laptop matter?

When it comes to buying a laptop for an artist, then software plays an essential role. However, on the other hand, the drawing tools are not built into your computer. So, you will obviously go on buying the software that you need to execute your work for. You need to look for those laptops which support the software you’ll be working with. Still, software’s are handling your whole computer’s system, if you have a cheap software and it is not even updated, then that will be a drawback for you. You might not be able to install all the big tools that you are in need off.

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3. How much storage capacity is needed to become a candidate of best laptops for artists?

In our opinion, the storage capacity depends on your needs. You should know that how much work are you going to save on your computer and how much of speed do you require. If you need to keep a backup of your data for a longer term, then you must opt for a laptop that is a larger capacity. If you are working on a daily basis and do not need to keep track of your drawings, that gives you a plus point and you don’t have to worry about the capacity of your laptop. It will never give you warnings of low storage.

4. Which is more important: screen resolution or screen size?

It is by far a very interesting question because most of the people are not aware of how much important this is to have a high-resolution screen. The size of the screen also matters but it is always better to look for a better resolution. If you have made up a drawing and you need to show it to someone, it will always appeal others if it is shown in high definition quality even if it is seen on the smaller scale. However, if the pixels are not good enough, it will most probably dull the artist’s work.

5. What role does a graphics card play?

Graphics card is used if your laptop does not have enough space already. Therefore, it is always a good idea to add this to your list. It keeps all your apps running faster than usual. It keeps photoshop, and other architect or designers’ software is running at a greater speed than usual. Usually, these cards are of 125-128 Mbs but even if you have a low budget and you opt for 64-68 Mbs card. You will see wonders in working of all the different software’s your laptop contains.

6. What other specifications should you look out for in best laptops for artists?

All the laptops come with different specifications. Some of the things are there that no one looks out for but they are needed.   A front camera is mostly needed for all kinds of users. Artists are much fond of different little details, and for them, the camera is a must need. So, that they can video call and if they are working for someone they can easily interact from their laptop.

One USB port is somewhat very common for all laptops, but it is always safe and good to have more than one.

You should look out for the connection port in your laptop which connects the projector directly. This is a very helpful specification, which comes in very handy for different artists. They can easily attach the projector to their laptops and show their work to people.

CD-ROMs are somewhat outdated nowadays, but still, it won’t harm you if you have that in your laptop, they usually come out to be useful for one’s self if they need some old data to be generated into their laptop. Even nowadays some software’s are copyrighted on CDs. Therefore, it gives an advantage.

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Product Reviews:

The product reviews of different laptops have been gathered for you to decide which laptop is best for you:

1. Apple MMGG2LL/A MacBook Air, Silver

Apple MacBook is one of the most known ones among all laptops. It is very light in weight and contains a good screen resolution which displays all the images and drawings you make very clear. The 256 GB capacity is a great plus point for this device. Moreover, it contains an Intel Core i5 processor, which won’t let your computer be slow at any cost.


  • It has double the memory, which is 8GB instead of 4GB.
  • Comes along with a great HDMI resolution, if HDMI cable is bought with it.
  • The brand name is enough to convince people.


  • Bluetooth connects to some devices.

All things considered, MacBook is something that all users can use. Despite its Bluetooth not connecting to other laptops but still, it gives you a lightweight, portable laptop which is easily carried away. It is not only stylish for artists, but also it has a great battery timing and RAM, which makes it even better.

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2. Samsung Chromebook Pro XE510C24-K01US

Chromebook is by far a very cheap Samsung tablet plus a laptop. It is mostly bought by artists who love to draw by feeling that they are drawing on the paper. Furthermore, it comes along with a pen which has a great capability of drawing over different screens. In addition, you can simply download the software and make different doodles. Many users nowadays find it very fascinating when they see that all applications of play store can be directly downloaded on their Chromebook.


  • The screen quality is QHD, shows clear pictures.
  • Keeps you enlightened with laptop plus tab feature.
  • The screen can be flipped over whenever you desire to do so.


  • May slow down for a second if too many applications are downloaded.

Needless to say, as the Android phones to have some specific capacity to download a various number of games and applications. Even though, it can download way more applications than some Android smartphone. However, a time comes when it would start to slow down if burdened. Otherwise, it is a great book for artists who can use their pen to draw as realistically as possible.

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3. ASUS C201PA-DS02 Chromebook, Navy Blue

ASUS comes along with a battery time up to 13 hours.  It is a medium sized portable laptop which is easily carried away anywhere needed. Moreover, it has a 1.8 GHz Quad-Core, and it has great speed to work for if not updated with a lot of software. In addition, its flash drive can also be upgraded if needed to do so.


  • Doesn’t require an internet connection to use the Google documents.
  • It comes along with three different USB ports.
  • Compact and light weight.


  • Speakers are at the bottom so that voice may be a bit lower than the normal voice.
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Despite all the pros and cons mentioned above, ASUS Chromebook is a good notebook for artists. It has 3 USB ports which are a great advantage over other specifications. The additional flash drive can enhance the capacity. So even this is not a problem anymore.

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4. Acer Aspire ES1-572-31KW

Acer Aspire is a 6th generation laptop which has windows 10 in it. Moreover, it contains a lot of storage that is HDD, and so it won’t slow down while you are working on it. Furthermore, it has battery timings of 6.5 hours. So, if you decide to take it out, you may want to charge it fully. It has a precision touchpad as well. The great thing about this laptop is that it is 1 inches thick.


  • It is great for entertainment.
  • LCD is of 16:9, which makes a great look for the artistic view.
  • It has a built-in DVD drive.


  • It doesn’t browse too many sites at one single time.

Even though, this laptop does not have the feature of browsing multiple sites at one go. Still, it bears a lot of load of software’s that are used by artists.  The LCD feature of 16:9 is a plus advantage for this laptop. It comes along with a pouch that is un-scratch able.

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5. Dell Inspiron 7th Generation

This Dell laptop is 2 in 1, it is built for all kinds of work and entertains you well. It has an Intel Core i5 processor. The RAM gives enough space for different Photoshop software. This product is also used by architects who are designing different houses plans for their customers.


  • This laptop has a rotational view for your ease.
  • It contains a great built-up memory.
  • The battery timings are suitable to take it away.


  • Boot up system may take up a little more time than usual.

There is little doubt that boot up system may annoy some people, but it cannot rule out the fact that this laptop has so much good into it. While you are bored, you can easily draw your favorite things or may flip it over and watch something that you want to.

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Wrap up:

To save all the time and effort, we have compiled the list of best laptops for artists. So, you may look for what is best needed for you. Before buying a laptop for your artistic mind read all the specifications that you require and then make your purchase. Apart from memory, you should also look out for graphics. That is an important factor because artists work should be visualized properly. Once you have gone through this whole article, we are sure that you will be sure of what you desire. Do not let your budget undermine you; you can carefully buy a less budgeted laptop with one or two fewer specs. Alternatively, if you have a high budget, then you might want to buy the MacBook, which comes along with style and lightweight.