Best Laptops for nursing school of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you have chosen a career in nursing, then you will need to get the best laptop for nursing school before you start with your course. Nursing students need a high-quality laptop with precise specifications that help them throughout their degree. These include high-quality graphics, lightweight for increased portability, longer battery time to take to school, and many other things. One of the primary uses for you will be researching over the web along with keeping your documents safe and sound.

The following buying guide is designed so that you can fully understand the requirements for a good laptop for nursing school. The buyer’s guide further helps you to buy a laptop that is most likely to work for a long time before crashing down. Our product reviews include our top picks for the laptop of your requirements. These picks will help you find the best of the same product in the market. The following are the best products that we could pick:




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Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ


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Acer Chromebook, CB5-571-C4G4


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Lenovo 110s


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Lenovo Premium – Black


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Buyer’s Guide:

We have compiled the following guide to help you find the best laptop for nursing school. These questions will help you determine what kind of features the computer should have for your help in nursing school.

1. What processor should the laptop have?

The essential work on your computer will relate to documents, spreadsheets, presentations, the Internet, statistical software, and maybe some online classes. Most processors will function without causing device lagging so there isn’t any particular processor that you should opt. However, there are a few that will bring about a shorter life. For example, Celeron and Pentium should not be considered at all unless you are opting for a Chromebook. For a low-end Core processor you can go for the i3 series, for the mid range core processor the i5 and i7U series, and for the high end, i7 HQ and HK series are ideal. Mid-range processors not only work correctly, but they also are under budget.

2. How much storage is considered necessary for a regular user?

The SSD storage is the latest kind of storage and allows better functioning. If you want to go for a Chromebook, then 32GB will work just fine. For a Windows or Mac laptop, 128GB is more than enough. However, if your laptop function is more than just studies, then you can upgrade it to more if you like. , if your laptop function is more than just studies, then you can upgrade it to more if you like.

HDDs are also an option, however; they tend to make the system slower, and they are more likely to be damaged. However, they can work well if you are on a budget but remember you will need more than 120GB to run your device satisfactory and more to run it smoothly. Moreover, they the more the size, the more they will cost so it makes sense to buy the one with a smaller SSD storage.

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3. How much RAM a system should have for optimized performance?

The RAM of the computer is responsible for its speed, and it stores everything that you do in a temporary memory. 2GB RAMS are the ones that you should avoid since they get filled up fast causing the device to heat up and work slower. If you are on a budget, then you can get a 4GB one. However, an ideal one is the 8GB one. It is the perfect amount for nursing students since it will help you multifunction as well. You can opt for RAM 8GB or higher too if you do not mind paying more; or if you multitask a lot. However, 8GB is more than enough so you might want to spend the extra bucks on the processor.

4. How long should the battery life be?

Since most nursing schools either require or recommend that students bring their laptops to class, it is important that you choose a laptop that gives you long battery hours. Some classes might have switchboards; however, they can still cause a nuisance. The ideal battery for a nursing student is 8 hours with Wi-Fi and about 30% of screen brightness. If your battery allows more than 8 hours, then you will be completely tension free all day at the campus. You can opt for a weaker battery life, however, keep in mind that you will have to carry your charger and charge it wherever you get the chance.

5. Is a high-quality graphics card necessary for everyone?

Unless you are not a secret gamer along with being a nursing student, then you do not need a very high-quality graphics card.  Intel offers its integrated options with all of its processors that are enough to run movies, video streaming, and casual gaming, and work with heavy duty software like Photoshop. Graphics card will additionally be a waste of money if you do not use it. It is better to put that money into the processor, RAM, or even storage.

6. What should be the ideal weight of the laptop?

Since you will need the laptop to take in class along with your heavy books, it is recommended that you go for a laptop that is light weighted and easy to carry. Different sizes of the laptop have different weights. So if you are going for a laptop under 13 inches then the weight should be around 1 kg only; for a laptop of 13 inches 1.2 kg; 1.6 kg for a 14 inch; and a 17 inch laptop needs to have approx. 2.7 kg. Buying a laptop bigger than that will just be inconvenient to you.

7. What additional features your laptop should have?

One of the most important features that you can go for is a quality display. Two screen metrics are highly recommended for laptops for nursing students. The first is the IPS panel that should be high. They are crucial for good viewing angles and provide above average contrast and colors. The second is the screen brightness panel. You will have to check the light offered to work outside in day time as well. The ideal intensity is the 300 – 315 nit average brightness. However, these things when equipped with laptops can raise the prices, so it is important to go for them if they are under budget only.

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Product Reviews:

After going through the guide and learning features that will make the best laptop for nursing school, you probably have an idea of what your laptop should look. The following are our top picks that will help you get a survey of the market. The full details about each product will help you decide if they are suitable for you or not.

1. Lenovo Premium – Black

The Lenovo Premium built laptop is a highly portable 15.6-inch laptop. Moreover, it is equipped with high-quality Dolby speakers along with a webcam allowing users to enjoy multimedia and video chatting. The 4 GB RAM along with 500GB HDD storage lets you enjoy a faster system at a low price.


  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB HDD storage available
  • Intel HD graphics
  • Features optical drive
  • Features webcam
  • High-quality speakers


  • Processor is Celeron
  • Only about 1.6 GHz processor
  • HDD storage can wear down quickly
  • Short battery life

The Lenovo premium built laptop comes with many features that work best for a near future. The processor may not be suitable for nursing school students at all. Even though the HDD storage is about 500 GB, it still can be damaged easily. One of the best qualities is the availability of an optical drive which most laptops do not have anymore.

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2. Acer Chromebook, CB5-571-C4G4

The Acer Chromebook is just about 15.6 inches which make it easy to carry around. It comes in two different processors along with two different SSD storage options. The mobility is further enhanced when the laptop allows up to 9 hours of battery life.


  • Comes in both Celeron and Core i5 processors
  • You can choose the SSD storage size
  • 4GB RAM allows sufficient usage
  • 9 hours battery life lets you work on it conveniently


  • SSD storage is only 16 GB or 32 GB
  • RAM is not expandable

Even though the Acer Chromebook has tried to make the laptop with the best features, it lacks in a few areas. Celeron is acceptable for a Chromebook, and if you want you can buy the Core i5 processor, however, the storage seems small. The RAM is sufficient, however; you will not have the option to expand it.

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3. ASUS C201, Light Blue /Pearl White

The ASUS 11.6 inch Chromebook is a perfect fit in your bag. You can carry it in style with the two colors to choose. It gives you about 13 hours of battery life which is the most convenient for you.

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  • 13 hours of battery life
  • 4 GB RAM is enough
  • SSD storage


  • Small storage space
  • Processor is not Celeron or Core

The ASUS Chromebook features a different processor than other Chromebook laptops, however; you will find yourself gushing upon its 13 hours of battery life. The SSD storage is a significant advantage. However, 16GB is not enough or ideal.

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4. Lenovo 110s -White

The Lenovo Premium Laptop is designed for complete mobility. Furthermore, it is ultra-thin and comes with a dual-core Celeron processor. Equipped with the latest Windows, this laptop features webcam and stereo speakers too. You can get it in SSD expandable storage.


  • Ultra thin and light makes it easy to carry
  • Dual Processor
  • Latest Windows
  • SSD storage is expandable


  • 2GB RAM is highly insufficient
  • 32GB storage is not enough; you will need to spend extra for expansion
  • Celeron processor is not fit for a regular laptop

This Lenovo premium laptop is ultra thin and looks very attractive. However, the features may beg to differ otherwise. The Celeron processor would have worked if it were a Chromebook. However, the 2GB RAM still would not have been enough. The SSD storage is expandable if you are ready to spend a couple of extra bucks on it.

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5. Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ, White

The Acer Chromebook is a highly stylish aluminum covered Chromebook that features many attractive qualities. In addition, the laptop has inbuilt IPS screen which makes it best for working outdoors. It gives about 9 hours of battery life along with Intel HD Graphics for you to enjoy.


  • Intel Celeron 2.16 GHz processor perfect for Chromebook
  • 9-hour battery life
  • IPS screen allows balance of colors and contrast
  • SSD storage


  • 2GB RAM is insufficient
  • Only 16GB of SSD storage available

The Acer Chromebook would be one of the best options had it more than 2GB RAM. The processor gives it high-speed for a Chromebook however, one thing that can hinder the speed is the RAM, and the other is the lack of storage. However, this laptop does not stop from being stylish and perfect for outdoors with its IPS screen.

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Wrap up:

High-tech companies are in continuous process of producing new laptops. The designs and processing speeds are upgraded by every month. In this dynamic niche, it is tough to pick the right product. To opt for the best laptop for nursing school, we compiled this buyer’s guide for you. Hopefully, with the information, you have a clear idea of what you should get. The product reviews were listed to help you find the one that suits you in your budget and to show you what the market has to offer.