Best Laptops for Watching Movies of 2018 & Buying Guide

Most movies are enjoyed through online streaming services these days, yet customers still enjoy watching DVD’s with their loved ones. If you’re looking for the best laptops to watch movies on you’ll have to consider the DVD drive, the screen size and type, the hard drive space, as well as the portability of the laptop as well.

Laptops can show as good of quality as a regular television and can be transported easier. Get comfortable, sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn as we go over the best laptops for watching movies.




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I stream movies and shows online, why should I get a laptop with a DVD/CD drive?

I know, most of us use online streaming services or cable to watch old and new TV shows and movies. Why would I invest in a DVD or CD drive? Many streaming services also have DVD services for TV shows and movies that can’t be streamed from their site. If you want to use this feature you can, but you can also use the DVD’s you’ve invested in over the years.

Having a DVD/CD rewrite drive can also come in handy during travel in car trips, on buses, and plane travel. Having an internet connection on planes and trains can be unreliable and frustrating on long, tiring trips. One moment you may have internet, and then the next you don’t.

Having a DVD/CD rewrite drive lets you bypass that hassle and can help make your trip more relaxing and enjoyable.

A DVD/CD rewrite drive allows you to download your movies and music onto the hard drive so you can seamlessly watch and listen to those files without having to worry about the internet or having to put DVD’s and CD’s back into a holding case.

Why should I get a laptop with a quality screen?

Having a quality screen that is high definition will help you see your favorite shows and movies in the way their creators intended them. Wouldn’t it be sad if you were watching your favorite movie and then the graphics looked smudgy or blurry? It would be disappointing, right? Having a quality screen can give movies more color vibrancy, variety of tones and shading, and lifelike detail.

If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer watching movies and television shows for work or for fun, a good screen that’s also anti-reflective can also help to reduce eye strain and headaches that come from squinting or trying to focus the eyes.

However, with matte or anti-reflective displays also comes a noted reduction in color vibrancy and increased dullness of image quality.

So if, as a movie lover, this may mean that you can watch movies in well lit areas, but the quality of the movie you’re watching may be reduced. If a matte screen isn’t what you need, a standard high definition screen will do your movies justice, but will have reflections.

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Reflections can be annoying, but can be reduced turning off lights or closing blinds and drawing curtains.

A good quality screen can also be adjusted in the laptop’s settings in order to assist customers with sight needs. If you have decreased or poor vision and can’t read small text easily, you are able to adjust the settings to become bigger and more magnified.

This may change the quality of viewing movies, but it will be better than a laptop that can’t adjust to your needs.

Why do I need a large hard drive space for downloading movies?

If you love movies and love to collect or download them, you know that you’ll need to keep them somewhere. If you have a collection of DVD’s you know you have to store them on a shelf.

However, if you want to watch them on your laptop but don’t want to keep the physical DVD with you at all times, that means you’ll have to burn them onto the hard drive. Which means you’ll need a good amount of storage to keep them on.

Without a big enough storage space, you’ll run out of room quickly and will have to download, watch, and delete the file or files. With a good hard drive you won’t have to do that every time.

If you like to purchase movies online, then you’ll have to download them onto your hard drive in order to watch them. This can make it easier to save space in your home and can make it more convenient to watch more movies and shows while you’re traveling or away from home.

Downloading movies onto your hard drive can be a more cost effective way to enjoying movies. You won’t have to purchase the physical copy and won’t have to find a place to store it in your home.

A good terabyte of hard drive space will give you tons of room to store movies, shows, photographs, documents, and music all in one place. Please be sure to check whether or not the laptop you are interested in has a DVD burner if you are looking to transfer over your DVD movies.

Many laptops can have no burner or may come with a CD burner only, so you’ll have to pay close attention that it is a DVD rewrite drive or a burner drive.

You may want to consider buying these accessories:

  • Headphones or earbuds: for better voice clarity and hearing special effects, for listening to music more fully, and for watching and listening to music without bothering others, can be used to drown out loud or disturbing noises
  • Bluetooth speakers: for hooking up your laptop to louder speakers and creating a more immersive sound and music experience, great for using at parties or for a movie night get together with friends and family
  • Please research if the laptop you intend to buy comes with bluetooth capabilities
  • Auxiliary cord/Headphone jack: plug this cord into your computer and car headphone jack for watching movies on your laptop and hearing the audio on your car speakers, perfect for entertaining you, your partner, your friends, or the kids on long road trips
  • Please note that your laptop may need a special cord that is compatible with your car, so please take note of that and research before buying
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1. Apple MacBook Pro

Description: This laptop is the most affordable laptop that has a DVD drive, a DVD burner, a quality screen, and enough battery to last you hours on the couch watching shows after work or school.


  • Has a 13.3 inch wide screen that let’s you see every detail of your favorite cinematic moments
  • Has a good amount of charge at 7 hours for binge watching sessions
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds and can be carried conveniently in a car, on a bus, or train during long and short distances
  • Has an aluminum silver outside that looks brighter than standard black laptops
  • Has a convenient backlit keyboard that can be used for easy stopping, starting, and fast forwarding
  • The 500 gigabyte solid state hybrid drive is big enough for you to store and then make your own music or movies on it and then burn it using the CD/DVD burner
  • Runs Mac OS X, so if you’re used to it you’ll have an easy time transitioning computers


  • Has a glossy screen that can be susceptible to reflections while you watch a show or movie
  • Is an older Apple model but is great for simply watching movies and television shows on your favorite streaming services
  • If you’re unfamiliar with Mac OS X you may want to reconsider this laptop
  • There isn’t a mention of bluetooth capabilities for wireless connection with other speakers
  • Doesn’t come with Apple Care, so if you damage it, you’ll have to consider this
  • This is not a laptop with a touch screen or stylus, so if you want that in a laptop you’ll have to keep searching

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2. ASUS X555UB

Description: This is the mid-range laptop that is good for watching movies on. It has double the amount of storage space as the other laptop and also has a DVD/CD drive. It even has bluetooth capabilities so you can get better sound quality from your own speakers.


  • 6 inch full high definition screen for watching your favorite sitcom or drama
  • Has a DVD and CD drive for when you get bored of using a streaming apps online
  • Considered to be a best gaming laptop due to its terabyte of hard drive space, 8 gigabytes of RAM and Intel Core i7 processor, so you can use it for more than just movies
  • This laptop is bluetooth compatible with other bluetooth speakers, so you’re free to pump up the volume
  • It has a huge terabyte of storage space for storing downloaded music and movie collections
  • Has a mid-range 5 hour battery life that will last you enough time to watch most of a season’s worth of TV
  • Comes with Windows operating system, so it will be easier to navigate its filing system and control panel
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  • Doesn’t come with a backlit keyboard, which could be a problem if you’re trying to pause or rewind in the dark
  • The battery may not be big enough for your work day or long road trip

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3. Premium Dell

Description: This is the most expensive of the laptops, but it makes up for it with the monster amount of hard drive space it has and the amount of RAM you get.


  • Has a full high definition 17.3 inch screen so you’ll see wide screen shots from your favorite action movies or nature films
  • 16 gigabyte RAM and 2 terabytes of HDD storage so you can store music, movies, and even have enough room to make some
  • Has a DVD/CD drive for you to watch your collection of classic movies
  • Has a 4 gigabyte dedicated graphics card has it’s own memory that improves the quality of what you’re seeing
  • Has bluetooth capabilities if you want to connect it to your own speakers, or it has Waves Maxx Audio controls to customize your listening experience
  • Can last unplugged for up to 6 hours depending on how long your TV show or movie marathon lasts
  • If you take breaks in the middle of movies you’ll need the backlit keyboard to help you find the pause button
  • Operates with Windows for an easy reintroduction to familiar programs
  • Comes in a silver color that looks like slate and is so thin you almost don’t see the DVD/CD drive


  • Weighs almost 8 pounds, which may be too heavy for you to sit with it in your lap like a lighter laptop
  • You may not need all that hard drive space because you don’t download very much
  • Windows operating system may not be what you’re used to using, so you’ll want to revisit the Mac laptop

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The ASUS X555UB is the perfect medium as far as cost and quality go. A big 15.6 inch laptop screen for watching DVD’s and streaming movies online. It had double the hard drive storage than laptop #1 and had an adequate amount of RAM for better internet streaming.

It had a DVD/CD drive and quality speakers that were also compatible with other bluetooth speakers. Most importantly, it had a medium sized 5 hour battery that could last a while if you didn’t want to leave your desk or couch.