Best Laptops for Writers of 2018 & Buying Guide

Writing can be done for leisure, for academia, as a business, or for any other purpose you desire. If you’re a professional writer or even a novice, you’re going to need a laptop with plenty of hard drive storage space for word documents.

You’ll also benefit from purchasing a versatile  2-in-1, or a laptop and tablet combined. Laptops that can support video streaming and photo editing may also benefit you as a writer.




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Dell Inspiron i7359-6793SLV


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Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 36984SU


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Huawei MateBook


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Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W-C5252


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Dell i5568-5240GRY


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How can a writer use a 2-in-1 laptop?

A writer can use a 2-in-1 laptop just about anywhere because they’re designed to be lighter weight. They can be used to write, edit, and even promote your writing. Many of the 2-in-1’s come with a stylus you can use on the touchscreen as you would a regular pencil or pen. Or if you prefer to type you can use the keyboard, or buying a laptop with touch screen to write your next paper or article.

The touch, draw, and typing capabilities are all abilities that can help professional writers promote their work on social media. They have the ability to live stream and video chat so you can highlight your work can branch out using a visual medium.

Should a writer have a lot of hard drive space?

If you are a beginning writer, it is okay not to have a huge terabyte of space. You can get away with less than that for the short term.

However, if you are a blossoming writer that writes often or you’re a professional writer, you’ll need more hard drive space.

The long-term benefit of this is that if you won’t have to buy more hard drive space later. If you get enough hard drive now, you’ll have to get it later.

However, some people do benefit from having very little hard drive space because they save everything on a cloud or syncing service that’s already on their desktop.

Why is researching touchscreens and appropriate stylus’ essential?

If you get a touchscreen laptop that doesn’t already come with a stylus, you’ll need to research which ones are compatible with your new purchase.

Buying a new stylus and then finding out it’s too hard due to finding scratches on your new screen is an expensive mistake to make.

Try to buy a screen protector for your laptop as an extra precaution before you use a stylus. When you do that it is also important that you keep your stylus clean to prevent any buildup that may collect on its tip.

1. Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 36984SU Convertible 2-in-1 Touchscreen Ultrabook

Description: This is the most expensive of the five laptops listed. What you’re paying for is the four ways you can use it. The Lenovo ThinkPad Helix has a modest sized hard drive that can handle document storage and even live chat if you vlog (video blog).


  • Has a 2-in-1 laptop and touch screen design that can be morphed into: traditional laptop, an upside down V, in stand up position, and as a “tablet+”
  • Keyboard has its own battery that’s separate from the tablet part
  • Can use a stylus and multi-touch capabilities to have more control over what you’re writing and how you’re presenting what you’re writing
  • Has a medium sized 11.6 inch screen that can be transported in a big enough purse or backpack and won’t be too small that you strain your eyes
  • Weighs a pound and is very thin
  • Has a decent 5.6 hour battery life that will last you a full day of writing depending on other programs running at the same time
  • Comes with Windows 8 Professional which is good for writers who freelance
  • Keeps cool with 3 fans that also help keep dust bunnies at bay
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  • Has a smaller 256 gigabyte solid state hard disk drive (SSD) and you may end up filling up faster than other laptops, so you may need to purchase an external hard drive or store files on a cloud or sync service
  • Doesn’t come with a backlit keyboard to help you type in dimly lit environments
  • Does not have a DVD or CD drive, so movie watching will have to be done over the internet
  • The cost may be too pricy for your budget, but don’t worry, there are more laptops
  • Isn’t anti-reflective so you’ll get some glare if you’re in a well lit room

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2. Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W-C5252 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop

Description: If you like the laptop from #1, you’ll like this slightly more affordable 2-in-1 that’s really an impressive 5-in-1. It also has double the hard drive space than #1, which will help you once you get your novel started.


  • Comes with a 15.6 inch high definition touchscreen that’s responsive so you can get tasks achieved without hesitation
  • It has 5 designs: as a laptop for when you sit down to write at a desk, can turn into a flat tabletop, can be flipped so it resembles a tent while you present, can be adjusted to share with an audience, or as a detached tablet
  • 500 gigabytes of hard disk drive (HDD) is more than enough storage for articles, blogs, recipes, stories, or anything else you can whip up as a writer
  • Windows 10 Home version is a trusted operating system
  • Comes in a gold color outside that looks very stylish and modern while you’re making your best impression on a client
  • You can put it in a messenger bag because it only weighs 4.5 pounds
  • Has a backlit keyboard that can assist you in typing your next e-book
  • Vlog or live chat with confidence when you talk into the TruTalk Microphones
  • Listen to your creations or enjoy music with Skullcandy speakers and DTS sound capabilities


  • You may not like that it has so many functions, so maybe you’ll want to keep researching
  • This laptop does not have a DVD or CD drive, so if you need those to download certain programs you may want to look elsewhere
  • Research what type of stylus you’re able to use with this touchscreen laptop
  • Keyboard part has a touch pad mouse that is irrelevant due to touchscreen capabilities
  • Doesn’t come with a matte screen, so you’ll have more reflections from light and shadows
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3. Dell Inspiron i7359-6793SLV Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop

Description: This is a more compact 2-in-1 laptop that can do back turns and things regular laptops can’t. This laptop has a better hard drive, but has a smaller screen than the last two laptops. A huge deal for what you’re getting, plus it’s super compact and lightweight.


  • Has a mid size and high definition 13.3 inch touchscreen that works as a laptop, tablet, standing up, or in an upside down V formation
  • The touchscreen is very responsive and can move and zoom in on whatever you touch, and is especially good for writers who edit their own pictures
  • Write directly on the screen using the laptop’s very own stylus, so you won’t have research compatibility or have to purchase your own
  • Boosts a mega 1 terabyte of hard drive space for years of document storage for your articles
  • Comes installed with Windows 10 operating system so you’ll be familiar if you’ve already used Windows in the past
  • Has a 6 hour battery life that can last most of your work or school day searching for a wall plug
  • Only weighs 3.7 pounds, so don’t forget it’s there when you put it in your backpack for school or during transport
  • Comes in a sleek silver color that looks clean and modern


  • The screen is not anti-reflective so you may get glare while watching movies, but you’ll have better color and detail while watching them
  • Comes with a touch pad mouse at the base of the keyboard that is unneeded due to the touch screen
  • Be warned that this laptop doesn’t come with an optical drive, so you can’t watch DVD’s or use CD’s to run certain programs

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4. Dell i5568-5240GRY 2-in-1 Laptop

Description: This Dell 2-in-1 is in the middle range for price and has a pretty good sized amount of hard drive space compared to #3. It will bend backwards like the other laptops and the screen will also rotate, so you’ll be able to write comfortably from many angles.


  • Has a 15.6 inch full high definition screen that will deliver crisp graphics so you won’t miss details in that paper that needs editing
  • Has a full terabyte of hard drive space that won’t leave you with your novel half written
  • It has a touchscreen that can be swiped and scrolled responsively and can be scrolled in for better viewing of small text
  • Comes with Windows 10 operating system for a predictable start up and familiarity of programs
  • Is colored charcoal grey and looks clean and simple
  • Comes with an infrared webcam that shoots in high definition so you can vlog or live stream
  • Can be moved in 4 helpful ways: standard laptop, in an upside down V, propped up, and turned into a tablet
  • Weighs 4.5 pounds and isn’t heavy like a standard laptop would be
  • Has a 5 hour battery life that could last you the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee and write at a coffee shop


  • Doesn’t come with an optical drive for CD programs and DVD movies
  • Research what type of stylus you can use with the screen of this laptop, if you don’t the stylus may damage the screen
  • Doesn’t come with a practical backlit keyboard, so you’ll have to be really good at typing in the dark or you’ll have to be in a moderately lit room
  • Has a touchpad at the bottom of the laptop keyboard that gets in the way of typing and serves no purpose because it’s already a touchscreen
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5. Huawei MateBook Signature Edition 2-in-1 PC Tablet

Description: This may be an off brand laptop manufacturer, but it’s a good starter laptop for beginning writers who are on a budget. This cost effective 2-in-1 laptop is also perfect for writer’s who store everything on a cloud or sync service.


  • Has a 12 inch screen size which is small enough to fit in a backpack, messenger bag, or purse when you’re on your way to your next writing session
  • Comes with a touch screen and a stylus pen to use on the screen, so you can type on the keyboard or write directly onto the screen
  • It barely weighs anything at 1.4 pounds and is very thin, so you won’t feel tethered to a heavy laptop
  • Has a simple laptop and tablet design that will get the job done
  • Windows 10 Pro is installed on it so you’ll have access to quality programs that only Windows offers
  • Is grey and looks aluminum on the outside, but has black details on the keyboard side
  • Comes with extra fingerprint security system on the side of the laptop screen, so no one will be able to steal your ideas


  • Only comes with 128 gigabyte SSD which can be bad if you’re looking for something with more storage, but good if you store your documents on a cloud or syncing service
  • If you really like this laptop then you’ll want to consider buying an external hard drive to compensate for the lack of storage
  • No backlit keyboard to help you type while you’re burning the midnight oil
  • Only has 4.5 hours of battery life, which will last for some writing sessions, but professional writers may need a longer battery
  • Doesn’t come with a CD or DVD drive because it’s so light and thin

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The Dell Inspiron i7359-6793SLV Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop sits in the mid-range compared to the other laptops. It isn’t too big for your hands to hold at 13.3 inches and it also had a touchscreen that could move in different ways.

This evolving function can make it easier to write and present the screen in different positions, making your work look better.

This laptop also came with it’s own stylus, which saves the buyer the task of having to find one. The stylus allows you to edit your own work by circling mistakes on the screen, while also using the stylus’ precision as you edit your own photos.

It’s like having a multi-tool work desk laptop that also has a terabyte of hard drive space. It had 6 hours of battery life for more uninterrupted writing sessions, but also had an annoying mousepad that is unneeded because the laptop has a touchscreen.