Best Gaming laptops under $500 (Year 2018)

Gaming has always been a passion for people of all ages. Apart from passionate gamers, there are others who love to spend their free time playing different games. It’s not always a good choice to use your regular laptop if you are fond of gaming. You need to buy a gaming laptop for yourself so that a better hardware help you to enjoy your favorite games. A gaming laptop is portable, and it is better than a desktop. Although desktops may be of good use as well, you can never enjoy your games on the go if you are using a desktop. Therefore, the laptop has its plus point as it is portable and you can carry it anywhere it is needed. If you get bored easily on the way, you can have your games right in front of you while traveling.

Some of the best gaming laptops under 500 dollars are listed below:




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Dell Inspiron Flagship


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Samsung Chromebook


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HP Notebook


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ASUS P-Series P2540UA-AB51


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Buyer’s Guide –

1.  What should I look for, while buying a gaming laptop?

You need to watch out for a lot of specification once you are on the way to get yourself a best cheap gaming laptop. The markets are all full of different kinds of laptops you might get confused for which one you need to buy. Therefore, it is important for you to read out the specifications and choose the best product available. You need to look out for the graphics card, processor and ram, resolution, memory, audio, battery life and other specifications that suit you best.

2.  Which graphics card is suitable for my gaming laptop?

A graphics card is something important, and you need to spend most of the money here. There are two basic choices from which you need to decide. It is either AMD or NVIDIA. Both offer a broad range of different cards. Most of the people don’t have an idea about these names, and it gets harder for them to decide. It is nice to use two graphic cards that will double up the performance of your laptop. These are doubling up is needed when you want to run all the latest games on your laptop on 4K display.

3. Do processor and RAM play an important role?

A processor is either AMD or Intel. In my opinion, nowadays Intel is more likely to be used. The Corei7 Is the best one followed later by i5 and i3. They are well suitable for your gaming laptop.  The later generations are the better one. On top of that if you have a budget you can opt for octa-core Intel Core i7, this will give your laptop enough space and a good start up speed for all your games. As far I am concerned it is best suited for most gamers to stay within the range and opt for quad-core i5. It will be more sensible to spend this amount of money on it. RAM is also known as the most important part of your computer; it is required to perform all the games programming at the back of it. It also affects the non-gaming software of your laptop.

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4. Which storage is better, SSD or HDD?

It is of primary concern that you buy the laptop which has a high storage, all your games need a lot of space, and they won’t work well until the laptops storage space is enough for them. Th faster the laptop the better it is. When it comes to gaming, many people go for SSD; these laptops are fast in file transferring. Loading time of games is way faster. There are no annoying pauses between the games loading and unloading. Even though SSD’s are better, it is highly recommended that when you can’t buy SSD, then you should at least opt for 1 TB hard drive along with a 7,200-rpm speed.

5. How portable gaming laptop should I look for?

When it comes to portability, everyone seeks for their comfortability. Some laptops are very portable, and small others are not. It goes without saying that the portable the laptop the last specifications it will have. There are in general three different partibilities;

  • Minimal portability:

If you need to keep your laptop mostly at home and don’t need it to take it along with you, then this size 17-18 inches is well suited for you. These laptops are the most powerful ones when it comes to their processing speed and RAM. They are heavy to carry along and do not fit in most bags.

  • Medium portability:

These laptops are up to 15 inches; they are easily carried away with you. You can carry them on your laps. Their weights are not much heavy as well. The battery timings are generally up to 5 hours.

  • Best portability:

The best portable laptops are the ones which are of 13-14 inches. If you like keeping your laptop wherever you go then this might be the one for you. They weigh very less as well up to 5 pounds only. Battery timings seem to be longer. Besides all this one thing they lack in is that they don’t have much space and their processor is a bit weak.


Product Reviews

We have prepared a list of our picks to help you in choosing the product that matches your requirements.

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1. HP Notebook

HP Notebook is a touchscreen laptop which comes along with an operating system of Windows 10. It is good for your huge memory games because it has 8GB of memory along with a 1TB hard drive. Its processor is of Core i3, which is not the latest one but it still operates well. It shows that the resolution of this laptop is 1366 x 768, I would say this is by far very reasonable for your gaming laptop.


  • It comes along with different USB ports.
  • The fan being on the left side, so it doesn’t warm up your lap once placed there, the fan is also quite and subtle.
  • Speakers contain a lot of amperages and can be adjusted per your mood.


  • The touchpad lights up, but the keypad doesn’t.

On account of the above pros and cons, it is seen that under your budget this is a genuine product. The screen resolution and the memory is a plus point. Despite having no backlights for keyboard, it might do the task it is required for.

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2. Samsung Chromebook (XE513C24-K01US)

It is by far the most economical priced Chromebook. You can rotate it 360 and make it a tablet. The built-in pen is used for creating doodles and sketching. The Samsung machine comes with 2GHz processor and 3 GB RAM. The extended battery life makes it easier to play games for a longer time. What’s more is that it has a built in google play. So, you can just access all the games of google store.


  • Its 360-degree rotation is very appealing.
  • An aspect ratio of 3:2, which is perfect for browsing on it.
  • It has an extensive battery life, keeping it as much portable as possible.


  • The Bluetooth of Chromebook is somewhat causing problems for buyers.

Considering all of the above pros and cons of this laptop, it is a good economical buy for the ones who have a less budget and are seeking for a laptop plus a tab. This laptop works for both and lets you enjoy your favorite play store games as well.

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3. ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip

Chromebook of ASUS is also a flip over the device. It comes with a 360-degree turning point as well. Moreover, it has HD touchscreen that is used while it is worked as a tab. It is a very lightweight laptop among all others. You can see that it weighs only 2.65 lbs in total. The battery timing is very extensive, and it contains Intel Core processor, 64GB storage, and a 4GB RAM.


  • It has an aluminum body, which is quite protected.
  • The performance is fast & efficient.
  • Takes up only some seconds to start up.
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  • It doesn’t have an HDMI port.

All in all, this is a tab cum laptop, which is suitable for people who are looking for a time pass to play some games on their laptops. It doesn’t play a lot of games as they are of larger size and provide massive processor and a big RAM. We recommend this product to buy if you need to check emails, make up your daily schedule and treat yourself to your favorite time passing games.

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4. Dell Inspiron Flagship, Silver

Dell has installed 5th generation Core-i5 6200U processor in this version to make your gaming smoother. Greater RAM and large Cache enables the fast processing. The Dell Inspiron flagship laptop is of medium portability. You can easily put in your bag. It has Windows 10 operating system. The memory is quite good, and a lot of games can be played on it with 1TB HDD storage.


  • The speakers are by far the best ones.
  • It comes along with touchscreen backlit keyboard as well.
  • The 3D camera makes this laptop more wantable.


  • No instruction guide.

Apart from the lack of manual that is quite disturbing for some of the buyers, this laptop is a good one for gaming. The storage of 1TB makes it possible to let it play all the desired games. The starting time is less, and the speed goes fast when you put less load on it.

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5. ASUS P-Series P2540UA-AB51

This laptop is a business standard laptop; in other words, it is not only a gaming laptop. It is 7th generations laptop that lets a lot of your work done. You can play all the desired games it. The battery timing is a big plus point for this series. It is designed to be portable, and the features are excellent and user-friendly.


  • Asus P-series laptop comes along with 4 USB ports.
  • It is a business productivity laptop at an affordable price.
  • It comes with an anti-glare screen.


  • You cannot install it on an external SSD.

Considering all the information mentioned above you can only make this purchase if you need a business laptop along with all the gaming required to be done. It is an excellent portable laptop with a good memory. The fingerprint scanner and 4 USB ports are two first specification it comes with.

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Wrap up:

Now you have read all the product reviews, and you got the clue of which gaming laptop suits you best. The best gaming laptops under 500 dollars not only based on its processor or RAM but also with the type of storage it contains. You need to look for the battery backup as well while buying a portable gaming laptop.