Best Laptops Under $600 (Year 2018)

The laptop has become the essential part of our life. In present time a Professionals, as well as a layman, use these handy machines. You cannot become the part of the global village without a having a laptop. The laptop has taken over a lot of task in our lives and become a necessary tool in our daily routine. You need a laptop to connect with the digital world, whether you need to communicate with a far living relative, or need to buy a night suit while sitting on your couch. Moreover, this is the reason it is hard to imagine life without a laptop. The laptop has become the necessity, and people always lay their eye on a laptop that is economical and feature full.

The manufacturers always try to introduce new machine to fulfill the customer needs at the most comprehensive level. In return, the companies boost up their sales to earn a maximum profit and to create the best brand image as well. There are many laptops currently in the market that are less than $600 and provide the users everything they need. These laptops are cost effective and provide you with high performance. We have selected some of the best laptops under $600 for a review so it can be helpful for you in choosing the most valuable machine.




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Apple MacBook


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ASUS VivoBook X540SA


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Dell i3552-3240BLK


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Lenovo IdeaPad N42-20


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Buyer’s guide:

A buyer guide is a helping tool designed for the individuals that let them in making a right buying decision. Moreover, certain factors are mandatory for the buyer to know before rushing to buy the laptop and these are mentioned in the coming sections.

Here are some questions that will guide you for right purchasing.

1. What should be the best processor that comes in laptops under $600?

The choice of your processor is a personal question. Some may get their job done with even Atom processor, and the other may find even core i7 less functional for their task. If you are a basic user and have no concern with the speed, you may go for the Pentium version. However, if you need speed and require cumbersome software or apps to make your job done then you should go the core i3, core i5 or core i7 processors.

2. Which operating system we should prefer in the laptop Windows, Mac or Chrome system?

Every operating system has its pros and cons. If we talk about Mac, then we can say it is a secured and a faster operating system and proved to be best when you are doing some confidential projects. The Windows operating system is widely used as it is user-friendly and continuously fixing the bugs and providing better services for the window users. The chrome system is the less used system but a faster way to connect to the world. Now we have all the three OS. However, you need to pick one based on your requirements.

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3. Shall we go for the laptop that has larger storage than 250GB?

Storage is another key factor that you must consider before purchasing. Different users of the laptop may require different storage options. As in the case of designers or animators, they always prefer the laptops with high storage option as they have larger files to store. However, if the person used the laptop just to watch movies and for surfing the net, they may require less storage. Moreover, he does not bother to spend the extra cash for the laptop that has more storage. However, for the common storage, your laptop should have a 250GB capacity of storing file.  Moreover, it is more advisable to go for the SATA than the typical HDD drives.

4. Do the core i5, and corei7 processors are attainable in this price range?

Core i5 and Core i7 are the latest processors in the market. These processors give your machine the fastest performance and do not let them slow. The more it has cores, the faster is the speed of your system. Moreover, it also depends on the power consumption, current consumption, and temperature of your system.  Core i3 and Pentium processor are easily attainable on the laptop that is below $600. However, for buying a laptop that is running core i5 and core i7 laptop, then you may need to invest more.

5. Do the durability of the laptop has any relation with the manufacturing brand?

It is not easy to make yourself as a brand. The name of the brand does have a significant impact on the performance and durability of your PC.  Furthermore, the reputed and renowned brands are always preferred for buying as they have expertise and experience in that relevant industry of the laptop. The top rated brands for the PCs are MacBook Lenovo Asus Dell and HP. Moreover, there are other brands, but you should go for the reputed brands for purchasing as they will provide you best post purchasing experience,

6. Do the Pentium processors are enough for making our all computing jobs done?

The word Pentium is a Greek work that stands for Penta or five. The Pentium processor is an old type of processor though these processors do make all your essentials task get done with the lesser speed as compared to the computers that have core i5 or core i7 processors. Pentium is an entry level processor and rated as two stars.  In addition, the Pentium processors are faster than Atom and Celeron processors but slower than the core i3 to core i7 processors.

7. What should be the right size of the laptop?

The right-sizing of your laptop depends upon the work you are getting from it. As if you want to work for hours or you are game lover then you must go for the laptop that has a screen of 15 to 18 inches. Moreover, these laptops will be a bit heavier, but the weight is worth bearing when you compare it with their performance. If you like traveling and want a portable machine in that case you should for the laptop that has 11-12 inches screen. However, among all 15 inches is the best screen size that gives an excellent visualization and a better portability as well.

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Product review:

The best laptop under $600 have been chosen that will give you both Performance and cost-effectiveness at the same time.

1. ASUS VivoBook X540SA Silver

This Vivo book of Asus has wide 15.6 HD inches screen. It has Intel quad-core processor with 4 GB ram and 500GB HDD. The laptop also has a graphic card and DVD player. It also has 3-cell Lithium-ion Battery in this price range and 64-bit operating system and Windows 10 Home pre-installed.


  • The laptop gives great value to your money
  • It has 500GB storage for storing large files.
  • The laptop has a comfortable keyboard with chiclet keys.
  • The laptop has 6 hours battery backup that is enough while traveling.


  • The laptop has slow speed as it has old Intel quad core Pentium processor.

The laptop is great in its price range and makes all your computing task done without any problem. The laptop has a decent and slim structure. It is slow but worth buying when you compare it to the cost. However, investing more in your machine, you surely can have a faster and better machine.

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2. Dell i3552-3240BLK Black

This Dell black laptop has windows ten home installed with the 64-bit fast operating system. Moreover, a wider 15.6inches screen. The laptop has 4 GB ram and 500 GB HDD storage with Intel Pentium processor. The laptop comes with faster WLAN, Bluetooth, standard keyboard and large 15.4 inches screen. The system also has 2M Cache.


  • The laptop has wide 15.6 inches HD display.
  • The laptop has a fast 1.6GHz processor that is upgradable to 2.4GHz.
  • It has a slim and glossy appearance.


  • The laptop has reflective screen and slow Pentium processor

The laptop provides impressive features. Moreover, is ideal for the professional and has sufficient storage option with DVD Drive. The Pentium processor is slower and makes it freeze sometimes.  However, still, it is worth purchasing in this price range and makes all your necessary jobs done.

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3. Apple MacBook, Silver

The MacBook has fastest 2.5GHz dual-core i5 processor Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz and also with 4GB DDR3 ram. Moreover, also sufficient storage of 500GB. The MacBook has stylish and slim structure. The portable MacBook has 13.3 inches back-lit display and super optical drive.  Moreover, it is a safer partner for the long journeys as it has 8 hours battery backup.


  • The laptop is 0.95inches thin and 4.5 pounds weight. That are some amazing features.
  • The MacBook has a multi-touch trackpad.
  • It also possesses the HD camera for face timing.
  • It also has Intel HD graphic cards for better visual quality.
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  • The screen of the laptop is reflective.

The laptop provides amazing features in its price range and best for than other alternatives. It has everything a person needs for its office task; it is equally benefited for the gamers and animation lovers. The faster processor makes your job done more effectively .hence worth buying.

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4. Lenovo IdeaPad N42-20

The Lenovo Chromebook has wide 14 inches backlit anti-glare display and faster processor of Intel Celeron N3060 1.6GHz. It also has Intel HD graphic card of 400. Furthermore, it has 16 GB SSD drive with 4 GB ram for the smooth functioning of the Chromebook. It has chrome OS and provides the best online experience to the users.


  • Wide 14 inches anti-glare display.
  • The fastest processor for the faster browsing on the internet.
  • The Chromebook is durable, rugged and light weight machine.


  • It has a limited storage of only 16 GB.

The product is good for those who do not want to store files and do not need MS Office for their working. It is amazing for people who want internet surfing, and want to watch online movies. However, if you need to store files and wants the MS Office to run on your PC, then you should go for the other alternatives.

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5. ASUS UX360CA-UBM1T ZenBook Flip

The Asus Zen book is an affordable and a full feature machine. It has 13.3 inches touch screen display with standard keys and Chiclet keyboard. The machine is 6th generation and has Intel Core m3-6Y30 Processor. Moreover, it also has 256 GB SATA storage option. Moreover, it has Intel HD graphic card, fastest WLAN option and every other feature a computer needs to have for faster performance.


  • 7thgeneration laptop with the fastest Intel i5 processor.
  • The machine is strong and durable.
  • The laptop has one year international and accidental warranty.


  • The laptop is overpriced for its given features.

The laptop is an amazing choice exhibiting all the latest features like touch screen fastest processor SATA storage and long battery life. If it is affordable, then you must go for it. It is a portable machine and can give you best experience for your tasks.

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Wrap up:

The article was a brief overview of top trending and best laptops under $600. Each laptop has its pros and cons. We all have different needs, and so far no machine is built that we can admit as one fits for all. Moreover, everyone has different needs, and you need to match your needs against the specifications of the machine. Before going to buy, you first identify the needs and then go for the laptop that can provide you with the value for money and features the functions of your choice. The article includes brief reviews of some great laptop that are highly rated for their price and features. However, the final decision is yours.