Best Touch Screen Laptop Under $400 (Year 2018)

The arrival of the laptops no doubt has captured the interest of many people around the globe, and soon various companies came over to add up further innovations into the model that existed already. That includes the replacement of the large sizes of the Mainframe computers to the mini sized laptops. For the reason of advancing the technology, there are tons of options available that fulfill the need of people in business, students and to be used at home. If you are on a hunt of best touch screen laptop under $400, then gear up because various laptop companies are awaiting your visit so that you can buy touch screen laptop within your budget. The list of top performing touch screen laptops are as follows:




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C100PA-DB02 10.1


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Buyer’s Guide – What to look for, when buying Best touch screen laptop under $400.

For your convenience, there is a list of top touch screen models of laptops that you may consider before making your mind for buying the suitable touch screen laptop. So that later you may not regret your decision.

Q1 What is the appropriate processor that makes the best touch screen laptop?

If you want to buy a laptop for programming and your desire is to complete the assigned work faster than your other colleagues for that you may choose Intel i5 processor. But if you are looking for a laptop to run heavy software like AUTOCAD then you need to go for an i7 Intel core processor.

Q2 What are the advantages of the having a high-tech processor?

There is no doubt that the better the processor, the better the performance of the touch screen laptop will become. Several laptops manufacturers have Intel i3 and i5 to give their customer better quality that the clients can buy within their range.

Q3 How much weight should the best touch screen laptop have?

The purpose of the transformation of the large computers to the laptops is due to the weight of it. For traveling purpose, you must need a handy laptop that should weigh around 3-4.5 pounds.

Q4 What is the ideal storage memory I need for the best touch screen laptop under $400?

Apparently, the memory is dependent on how much data you need to store on your touch screen laptop. If you are fond of downloading movies and playing games that require a good amount of space, then you should opt 1TB of memory.

Q5 Which laptop company provides extended battery?

Keeping everything in the account the battery backup is the key element you need to focus on for buying best touch screen laptop that comes under $400. Regarding this Dell, inspiration provides up to 7 hours battery backup.

Q6 Which type of operating system I should choose for the best touch screen laptop under  $400?

There are mainly three operating systems that most of the laptops have. Since the Windows 10 came up with the new features especially, the graphic chips it possesses gives more coverage to the touch screen. Not only this, it makes the work easier and quicker. Furthermore, Windows 10 as compared to Windows 8 provides you with an option to make it like a tablet.

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Q7 How should I know what is the suitable display for the touchscreen laptop?

While you are deciding to buy the best touch screen laptop under $400, then you must be careful of the thing that the display size should be around 11”-15” as to give more life to the content you watch.


Product Reviews

Here are top product reviews that might help you while selecting the best touch screen laptop under $400.

1. C100PA-DB02 10.1″ CHROMEBOOK

This laptop of brand Asus provides you with the ease to use this device anywhere you want to. Moreover, it allows you to make it like a tablet as well. The chrome book is most light weighted as compared to the other touch screen laptops. It weighs 2 pounds that are extraordinarily lightweight. Moreover, talking about its battery time, it provides up to 10 hours of battery life. So what a technology freak wants? The element that makes it better than others is that by unlocking the chrome book, you can install various apps in it. In this way, you can use it while you do not have internet access.


  • The touch screen laptop can be changed into the tablet mode.
  • It cannot leave you in your hard times because of its undoubtedly high battery backup.
  • The sleek body of this touch screen laptop makes it more versatile.
  • As for the best touchscreen laptop, the touch is the primary element, so it has a sharp feel.


  • The keyboard does not work properly.
  • It does not provide high-resolution options
  • The size of the screen does not go well with it.
  • Internal storage is lowered as compared to others.

If you are into downloading more applications for using it online as well as offline so the choice of this type of touch screen laptop is not that bad in such reasonable amount. Moreover, it also has high battery backup.

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HP is the renowned manufacturer of the laptops by keeping in mind every class with the low priced to high priced touch screen laptops. The distinctive feature it contains is Intel Pentium N3540 Quad-Core processor that is up to 2.16 GHz. It also has Turbo Technology. It weighs around 4.7 pounds, and it is not as fancier as compared to other brands. HP touch screen laptop display is 15.6” HD with LED backlit touch screen display.


  • It comes with the most affordable price that no other brand gives.
  • It has quality touch screen display.
  • With these, it also has an optical device that is the decent option if you use discs for your tasks.
  • Its keyboard is large and has separately numeric pads.
  • The touch screen option is the cherry on the top, being in the budget.
  • While other laptops provide optical drives, it gives you the option of CD/DWD.
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  • It does not provide quality webcam
  • Another drawback of this touch screen laptop is that it does not provide 5GHZ Wi-Fi connectivity
  • It also has no Bluetooth option
  • RAM is 4 GB so in this regard it cannot work proficiently.
  • When it comes to the graphics, it lacks in it.

This touch screen laptop is not bad if you want to use it in a home that comes under your budget. However, if you are looking forward to buying a touch screen laptop regarding durability or performing several tasks at once, then this is the time to say no to this device.

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With all other laptop making companies HP does not let you down. For the fact that it amazes its clients by adding a variety of quality attributes in it. It is a complete package for people in business and people from any field because it assures you of the durability while keeping itself simple as possible. Starting off with it screen that is 15.6” along with the LED backlit display for a clear high definition picture it has 1366×768 resolution. The seventh generation Intel Core i5-7200U keeps it to perform faster and quicker. For people who are concerned about the memory of their laptop should not worry more as it has 8GB system memory and 2133MHZ SD Card with it.


  • The selection of the port of this laptop is quite decent for a laptop to be in the budget.
  • It does not disappoint you by its processor because its processor runs more speedily as anything.
  • It provides up to 6 hours of battery time.


  • Its display is a bit dim.
  • The transfer speed is not swift as others have.
  • It does not give that much battery coverage as others do.

For the people who are keen about the completing their tasks faster need faster processor in their touch screen laptops and this model promised you of the fast processing.

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Dell is the well-known name in the world of technology, and it has made to fulfill the requirements of students especially. In addition to this, it can also be used by professionals because of the fact it can be carried easily and is designed to be your travel friend for sure. It is no doubt loaded with features. It is built in with the 6th Generation Intel Core i5-6200U Processor that is dual core. Its 15.6” display offers high contrast ratio instead of a typical one. The waves maxxAudio adds up more charm in the touchscreen laptop by providing high-class quality while you listen to the music. With this, it offers nice coverage because of the Wi-Fi it possesses.

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  • One of feature that it comes along is the lithium ion battery for the provision of ease so that you can work without worrying about the battery life.
  • As compared to other touch screen laptops it proffers 1TB of memory that means you can store a big chunk of data in it.
  • It is travel-friendly, so you can carry it without making your luggage heavy.


  • The resolution of this touch screen laptop does not give you high quality of the pictures.
  • It is thin and delicate so its screen can be damaged.

This touch screen laptop does not stop you from buying it as it comes with such features and with its ability to be carried with you any day. So if you want a travel mate, so you need to get this touchscreen laptop.

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5. Lenovo-Flex-Convertible-Touch screen-Processor

This touch screen laptop of the Lenovo brand brought up with the innovation of convertible screen thus giving it a tablet kind of feel. The processor inside it is Intel Pentium dual core. Not only this, it has a full touchscreen that adds more beauty to it. In addition to this, its graphics performs so well that no other laptop can give you that kind of experience while playing games on it.


  • Because of it is a new feature that is its 360-degree rotation attracts the customers to buy this instead of any other touch screen laptop.
  • One of the features that clients keep an eye on is how much battery backup the laptop has so regarding this it gives around 8.5 hours of battery life.
  • It performs faster because of its fast processor.
  • According to the design of this laptop, it is suitable for the price it asks.


  • The body of this laptop is not that durable.
  • The keyboard gets easily greasy.
  • The touchpad is of poor quality.
  • It does not provide high-resolution options while using for outdoor purpose.

The cons of this type of touch screen laptop do not prevail over powers the pros of it. For clients that are more concern with the battery life then they should choose this Lenovo Flex four convertible laptop.

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When it comes to the touch screen laptop people have the perception that it does not give good battery life,  but that is not just the actual image of the best touch screen laptop under $400; it does give you the battery backup up to 8 hours for the most of the touchscreen laptop that is listed above. After reviewing this article you must have cleared your confusions regarding the battery time, the processor of the touch screen laptop, what brand to choose and what not, the memory you require according to your field and last but not the least the graphics of the touch screen laptop you are going to buy.